I’m bored … bored of the cold winter weather… I can see some sunshine though! so I’m coming out of hibernation early… Who would like a fast, fun, fifteen minute session for fifty bucks and you get five photos? (See what I did there?… with all the f’s 🤪) … Anyway I’ve limited this exclusively to TEN spots... This deal is suitable for tired sleepy pets (meaning you’ll need to exercise them to near exhaustion by the time I arrive🙃), also suitable for those needing a quick headshot or new fabulous social media profile pic! NOT suitable for family groups. Available only for a single person or pet. If you want another person or pet photographed then you need to book another $50 slot for each extra creature/human involved. OR for groups of more than one just book a proper full session with me! or find me on facebook and message me there @sarahwebberphotography

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