First blog post ever.... I thought i'd let you all know WHO I am and WHAT I can offer you as a human being and your photographer. I'll be quick and to the point!

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be unapologetically themselves! That means ... be true to yourself, do what makes you happy, don't constantly seek approval, don't be afraid of what people think, follow your heart, and be the BEST you can. Experience exactly what you want in life. Be selfish sometimes. Life is short. BE AUTHENTIC, BE YOU!


My life philosophy, is also my portrait business philosophy and can be clearly seen through my photographic works and portrait sessions. I strive to capture authentic, real moments. My goal is that when you look back at them you WILL be grinning from ear to ear, or maybe even crying happy tears... or sad tears... A great photo should evoke some emotion and I want to create this for you.

I am a Visual Storyteller. My images and style can be described as... relaxed, fun, easy, real, authentic, stress-free, truthful, calm, honest, narrative, patient, genuine.

I am very easy going and laid back, but that doesn't mean I don't put my heart and soul into my work. Booking a session with me is stress-free. There is no need to get worried or nervous about how the kids (or hubby) might behave... I am certainly not one to judge, and honestly I just go with the flow. The kids don't have to sit and pose with a fake smile! Let them climb a tree or run down the beach! Thats when those REAL smiles and moments worth cherishing come out!

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